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Connecticut Restaurant Salaries Average

Restaurant Manager  $49,000
Assistant Manager  $47,000
Banquet Server $22,000
Barista  $25,000
Bartender  $32,000
Cashier  $30,000
Chef  $50,000
Dishwasher  $24,000

Restaurant management is the profession of managing a restaurant. Associate, bachelor, and graduate degree programs are offered in restaurant management by community colleges, junior colleges, and some universities in the United States

Floor management

'Floor management' includes managing staff who give services to customers and allocate the duties of opening and closing restaurant. The manager is responsible for making sure his or her staff is following the service standards and health and safety regulations. The manager is the most important person in the front-of-the-house environment, since it is up to him or her to motivate the staff and give them job satisfaction. The manager also looks after and guides the personal well-being of the staff, since it makes the work force stronger and more profitable.

Kitchen management

'Kitchen management' includes the managing staff working in the kitchen, especially the head chef. The kitchen is the most important part of the business and the main reason customers patronize the restaurant. Managing the kitchen staff helps to control food quality. As most commercial kitchens are a closed environment, the staff may become bored or tired from the work. Without proper management, this often results in an inconsistent food product. Kitchen management involves most importantly, cost control and budgeting. Head chefs must instill and teach money management to apprentices. This is as important as teaching the art and skills of cookery.


'Administration' includes stock controlling, scheduling rotations, budgeting the labor costs, balancing cost and profit according to seasonality, surveying and hiring staff, and maintenance of the commercial kitchen equipment.

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Chefs, head cooks, and food preparation and serving supervisors oversee the daily food service operation of a restaurant or other food service establishment. Chefs and head cooks are usually responsible for directing cooks in the kitchen, dealing with food-related concerns, and providing leadership. They are also the most skilled cooks in the kitchen and use their creativity and knowledge of food to develop and prepare recipes.

Food preparation and serving supervisors oversee the kitchen and non-kitchen staff in a restaurant or food service facility. They may also oversee food preparation workers in fast food, cafeteria, or casual dining restaurants, where the menu is fairly standard from day to day, or in more formal restaurants, where a chef provides specific guidelines and exacting standards on how to prepare each item.

All of these workers—chefs, head cooks, and food preparation and serving supervisors—hire, train, and supervise staff, prepare cost estimates for food and supplies, set work schedules, order supplies, and ensure that the food service establishment runs efficiently and profitably. Additionally, these workers ensure that sanitation and safety standards are observed and comply with local regulations. Fresh food must be stored and cooked properly, work surfaces and dishes clean and sanitary, and staff and customers safe from illness or injury to avoid being closed by the health department or law enforcement.

While all chefs have a role in preparing the food, developing recipes, determining serving sizes, planning menus, ordering food supplies, and overseeing kitchen operations to ensure uniform quality and presentation of meals, different types of chefs may have unique roles to perform or specialize in certain aspects of the job. Executive chefs, head cooks, and chefs de cuisine, are primarily responsible for coordinating the work of the cooks and directing the preparation of meals. Executive chefs are in charge of all food service operations and also may supervise several kitchens of a hotel, restaurant or corporate dining operation. A sous chef, or sub chef, is the second-in-command and runs the kitchen in the absence of the chef. Many chefs earn fame both for themselves and for their kitchens because of the quality and distinctive nature of the food they serve.

While the work of chefs and head cooks is concentrated in the kitchen or in providing overall guidance, food preparation and serving supervisors oversee specific areas of operation in food service establishments or the kitchen and counter areas of quick service restaurants. In fast food and casual dining restaurants, they may share many of the same functions with food service managers. They are responsible for dealing with customer complaints, balancing the books at the end of the day, scheduling workers, and ordering supplies. They also supervise and train kitchen and food preparation staff and ensure that these workers know how to gather food supplies, operate equipment, and assemble orders.

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